What does it mean to be a professional educator in the twenty-first century?

The profession of teaching is a complex one, with many competing interests and needs from the many stakeholders involved in education.  While it could be considered simplistic to narrow the expectations placed on graduate teachers to a list of standards and goals when examined it can be seen that these are actually multifaceted and deeply meaningful.

The Melbourne Declaration of Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA, 2008) identified two critical goals for improving educational outcomes for all young Australians.  These goals are:

Goal 1: Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence
Goal 2: All young Australians become:
– successful learners
– confident and creative individuals
– active and informed citizens” (MCEETYA, 2008)

Together with the Australian Institute for Teaching Standards and School Leadership or “graduate teaching standards” and the Western Australian Department of Education Code of Conduct it can be seen that the complex work of teaching is made up of many important layers.